Learn To Draft A Tailored Pant Pattern For Your Body Type

taught by Daniela Tabois

Course description

Are you having trouble drafting a tailor pant from scratch? You seem to be getting 
  • Unflattering crotch bulges
  • Fit issues in the thigh and calf area 
  • Can't get the perfect pant pattern from custom measurements?     


In this course we'll dive in deep into showing you easy steps to construct a tailored pant from custom measurements from any body type. 

1st we will start with taking body measurements.

2nd we will transfer the measurements onto paper to create our 1st mock-up. We will examine the mock-up pattern and make any corrections/adjustments.


Once our patterns are perfect. I will show you how to create a trouser pant pattern with a pockets. Lastly I'll provide a tutorial on how to sew your pants pattern onto fabric with high quality finishes.

This course is beginners friendly if you already know the basics of sewing.

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Daniela  Tabois
Daniela Tabois
Fashion Designer

Hello my name is Daniela Tabois (TAH-BWAH) and I'm a Fashion Designer designing luxury bridal pantsuits for modern brides. I've been designing for 13 years and worked at several designs houses. During this time I've learn many techniques and methods to creating high quality garments. My easy courses will teach you design methods that will help elevate your sewing skills. Shop my courses page now